HammerFab line clamps, fuel line clamps, oil line clamps

Hard Line Clamps From HammerFab

HammerFab’s new line clamps are 3D printed out of rigid nylon with added 3D detail that no one else offers which gives them a cast or industrial look. If you want your line clamps to look as good as your chassis or engine, then check these out! These new line clamps are solid nylon that are equivalent to an injection molded part. All HammerFab line clamps come with the necessary stainless hardware for installation. You can either drill and tap your frame, or simply drill a hole and use the supplied nut to attach them from the back side.

Current sizes available:

For Fuel Lines

-6 (3/8 hardline) to -8 (1/2 hardline)
-6 (3/8 hardline) to -6 (3/8 hardline)

For Brake Lines

Two styles available for 3/16” hardline brake lines – Snap clamps (the line snaps in after the clamp is installed), and Hook clamps (hardline is installed and then the clamp is installed on top of the line, holding it tight to the frame).

These Line Clamps are available at www.hammerfab.com.