Koolmat Stops Driver Fatigue

Koolmat logoKoolmat is a high temperature composite insulation of silicone/fiberglass materials that are permanently joined during the manufacturing process without adhesives. A one-of-a-kind product, which will not separate, tear or easily puncture. Designed to stop heat and lower sound in floors, firewalls, tunnels, prevent burns and driver fatigue. No air or liquid will flow through it, will not wear out or lose its thermal characteristics under normal use unlike foil faced material which easily get dirty and glues burn off, resulting in a loss of thermal performance.

Koolmat is good to 1200°F. temps is .070 thin, a sound deadener and test show reduction of noise by 23 decibels. Koolmat is weather/abrasion & mildew resistant, flexible, and washable, won’t crack, peel, dry out, curl up, split or shrink in 40 years. Used by NASCAR teams since 1991. Avail in pre-cut or bulk 30”/60” inch wide, any length.

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