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JEGS Dual Tank Abrasive Soda Blaster

Strip Surfaces without Causing Damage

JEGS Abrasive Soda Blaster comes complete with two tanks and extra-long high-flow hose for use with various grits of media. Use soda blast media to strip paint from delicate surfaces, like your hotrod, and even safely remove oils and grease from engines and floors. You can even switch to a coarser media to remove the tougher debris or use a mix of media to get your project looking just right. The 100 lb. capacity tanks are all steel welded with a pressure gauge and easy-to-fill top-load hopper all atop two large smooth-rolling wheels.

JEGS 81305 Dual Tank Abrasive Soda Blaster offers an easy quick change media valve that allows you to go from paint removal to blasting rust in just minutes. The dual 10 gallon tanks each hold up to 100 lbs. of media that can be mixed to achieve the best blend for just about any project.

JEGS Dual Abrasive Soda Blaster Features:

  • Easy-to-Fill Top Openings
  • Air Pressure Gauge
  • All-Steel Welded Hoppers
  • XL 1/2 in. Valves
  • Quick-Change Media Mixing Valve
  • Large Wheels for Smooth Transportation
  • 8 ft. L x 3/8 in. Diameter High Flow Hose
  • 125 psi Maximum Air Pressure
  • 6 CFM @ 60 psi – 25 CFM @ 125 psi
  • 1/4 in.-18 NPT Air Inlet

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