JEGS Cooling System Re-Filler and Air Evacuation Kit Ensures Cooling System Is Free of Air Pockets

Be confident you’ve removed all the air from your vehicle’s cooling system with the Cooling System Re-filler from JEGS. This multi-purpose tool quickly refills your cooling system, eliminates trapped air, and performs vacuum leak testing. Outfitted with 5 adapters, this re-filler will work on most vehicles. Don’t leave your cooling system to chance, many modern cars require this bleeding process to prevent engine damage from overheating.

The JEGS 51225 cooling system re-filler and air evacuation kit lets you easily fill your cooling system while at the same time purging unwanted air pockets. Unlike vintage cars, modern cooling systems require a more thorough bleeding process. Designed to work on most cars, this kit is equipped with 5 rubber adapters and a universal tapered cone. In order to use this tool, an air compressor is required. Don’t let trapped air cause engine damage.


• Eliminate issues of spilled coolant with this tool
• Prevents engine damage by using compressed air to completely fill the cooling system while bleeding trapped air
• Universal design allows this tool to be used on a wide variety of vehicles
• Durable plastic and aluminum construction
• Compressed air outlet hose length: 16 in.
• Coolant pickup hose: 66 in. (68 in. with filter)
• Adapter sizes: tapered cone, 31mm, 35mm, 40mm, 42mm, & 45mm
• Clear rubber hose to check the flow of coolant
• Comes with a blow-molded black plastic case. This case comes with an easy-to-carry handle and will protect this tool when not in use.

Note: The cooling system re-filler and air evacuation kit requires compressed air to function. You will need access to an air compressor. The fitting between the airline and refilled is not included, you will need to install a quick release fitting that matches your air compressor lines.

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