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Vintage Air Demystifies How Air Conditioning Works

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As we head into the summer driving season the air conditioning experts that designed climate control systems for everything from the modern Ford GT to complete solutions for almost every classic car illustrate how a modern air conditioning system functions.

What: The new video shown below from Vintage Air breaks down how an air conditioning system works to help users and installers better understand what happens behind the vents. Contrary to what many think, making cold air isn’t actually what the system is doing. What the system actually does is remove heat from the air within the cabin, making cold air. This video will show you how the system does that and what else is important to know about it.

Why: Familiarizing yourself with air conditioning systems is the first step to get any classic, hotrod or project cooled and comfortable to drive year-round. By understanding the system and knowing how to ensure a vehicle is properly sealed and insulated, installing a system at the shop or in a driveway becomes a much simpler process.