Belgium Hill Climb, Fuel Curve

Hellacious Hillclimb Crashes in Belgium

In the small town of Andler/Schoenberg, Belgium (right on the German border), there is a motorcycle hillclimb up a treacherous trail which has NEVER been conquered. For the last 18 consecutive years, and after thousands of attempts, no rider has been able to crest the rock-laden upper course. Riding KTM’s, Suzuki’s, Honda’s Husqvarna’s, Yamaha’s, and Husaberg’s, they blast up the steep grade all day and all night long only to hit the rocks at the top of the hill and wipe out.

It’s a gnarly and unforgiving climb which sees the motorcycles careen out of control back towards the bottom of the mountain. Thousands of fans cheer them on while volunteer course workers do their best to snag bike and rider after their inevitable free fall.

Even though we know they will never make it up the hill, it’s mesmerizing to watch their valiant attempts at hill climbing immortality. The wipeouts are awesome. Tank slappers, ball-slappers, high sides, low sides and over-the-handlebars excitement for days.

It’s basically a great excuse to go out to the Belgian wilderness, get drunk, party all night rocking to Metallica cover bands and camping out in preparation for Sunday’s climb. We want to go there. But more than that, we want to see just one guy successfully climb the hill. More fun videos HERE.