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Goodguys Makes Buying and Selling Vehicles Easy and Fun

Buying, selling or trading hot rods is an integral part of being a well-rounded automotive enthusiast. Some love the hunt for a fresh project, while others want to search out their dream car and never let it go. There’s also those that enjoy driving a classic for a couple years then move it down the road to experience another car or truck and repeat the process time and time again.

Whether you’re searching for that one perfect ride or looking for something different to work on, the need to feed an auto swapping habit is not lost on the team at Goodguys. In fact, they’re here to help you sell, trade, or find a new hot rod with a number of different options and outlets, from their proven online classified listings powered by, to their Cars 4 Sale Corrals at events, to a new collaboration with the popular online auction site Bring a Trailer!

buy a classic car, sell a classic car, goodguys swap meet, goodguys cars for sale

Classifieds powered by

For those looking for a classic classifieds option whether you’re selling or buying, check out the newly revamped Goodguys online classified listings powered by It’s easy to view the online classifieds simply with one click on the CLASSIFIEDS link on the Goodguys homepage. buy a classic car, sell a classic car, goodguys classifiedsOnce there, you can start searching by keywords or the style of car, and if you’re selling, Goodguys offers three different price points to get listed in their proven classifieds starting at just $25.

Level 1 gives you a 90-day runtime with one image that is displayed with your description on their online classified pages. Level 2 provides space for up to 15 photos which are become larger when the cursor scrolls over the image. Plus, the ad will run up for one year and receives a feature spot within the classifieds, all for under $50.

To really reach the hot rod masses, Level 3 delivers all the benefits of the Level 2 listing plus your car will appear in Goodguys Gazette classified pages for two issues. The Gazette reaches the entire Goodguys membership, is provided to all show participants, and is on the newsstand at several national bookstores and major fuel stops for a reach of well over 50,000 performance enthusiasts. Getting your ad posted online and in print is an effective combination for a sale, but there are two more options through Goodguys to consider when selling – or buying.

Online Auction with Bring a Trailer

Bring a Trailer, known as BaT, is unlike any online auction site you’ve seen, and Goodguys members can get exclusive benefits. BaT auctions feature an affordable set price for sellers, and they help you produce a quality listing by writing the vehicle description for you (you get final approval, of course). buy a classic car, sell a classic car, bring a trailer, goodguys membersPhotos play a key role in the online auction process and BaT only accepts quality images and can recommend photographers to shoot your classic, depending on your location (plus a fee).

During the auction, you can count on questions, banter, and useful information shared between BaT members with the sellers. And even if you’re not buying, the responses can be entertaining and you’ll likely learn something about each vehicle listed.

With BaT, Goodguys members receive a number of perks when posting their vehicle, such as priority listings on the site and a unique page showing all of the Goodguys member auctions. Goodguys will also be looking over these auctions to showcase on their homepage or use in one of their monthly newsletters! You may even see your listing on as a featured BaT vehicle of the month, or various Goodguys social media outlets.

buy a classic car, sell a classic car, bring a trailer, goodguys members

To learn more about Bring a Trailer, log onto your Goodguys Marketplace member portal (haven’t set up your new GG Marketplace account? Click Here to learn how) and select “Goodguys Member Online Auctions” to see the new auction pages powered by BaT. It’s easy, the auctions are extremely effective, and it’s fun!

Goodguys Swap Meet & Cars 4 Sale Corral

If you prefer the good old face-to-face type of buying or selling, the best place to buy or sell is at the Cars 4 Sale Corral and Swap Meet at one of Goodguys National events or Get-Togethers. Thousands of enthusiasts wander through the car corral during the weekend and a solid number of those people have their eyes out for a new cruiser. And you really can’t beat the price: $55 for early registration ($65 at the event) gets you a parking spot, window sticker to drive in and exit, along with two entry passes to each day of the event so you can bring a buddy to hang out with!

buy a classic car, sell a classic car, goodguys swap meet, goodguys cars for sale

Registering for the Cars 4 Sale Corral is a piece of cake through the Goodguys website. Simply head over to the events page and select the show you plan to attend as a Member or Car Owner then scroll down to the Swap Meet & Cars 4 Sale Corral tab. From there you can download/print a pdf of the registration form and mail it in, plus there is an email and phone number contact listed for the event. That’s all you need to do besides show up at the venue for a weekend of showing your car to a bunch of other like-minded hot rodders!

buy a classic car, sell a classic car, goodguys swap meet, goodguys cars for sale

That’s the lowdown on Buying and Selling a vehicle through Goodguys. In short you have an Online & Print classifieds option, Bring a Trailer online auctions with Goodguys Member perks, and at-event Swap Meet & Cars 4 Sale Corral at all Goodguys events.

Todd Ryden is first and foremost a car guy and admits to how lucky he is to have been able to build a career out of a hobby that he enjoys so much. He’s owned muscle cars and classics, raced a bit and has cruised across the country. With over 25 years in the industry from the manufacturing and marketing side to writing books and articles, he just gets it.