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Goodguys AutoCross – New Rules, New Format, New PRO-X Class for 2019

Goodguys has been at the forefront of AutoCross racing since it began hosting these corner-carving competitions at events back in 2006. Since that first event held in Nashville, Goodguys AutoCross has grown significantly in popularity, becoming a massive spectacle that averages more than 100 participants at any given event and puts the sport in front of thousands of fans.

The series has given racers a national circuit to travel with to earn championship points, win unique shootout-style events, and earn yearlong bragging rights for those who claim the AutoCrosser of the Year title in Scottsdale every November. It also provides a fun outlet for Goodguys participants who simply want to get off their lawn chairs and put their hot rod, truck, or muscle car through some paces.

As with all forms of motorsport, evolution is inevitable, and changes need to be made to maintain parity in all classes while still providing the opportunity for newcomers to get their feet wet and get on the gas. In the 2018/2019 offseason, big changes were made in order to keep things competitive and fair, primarily in the PRO Class, as new ideas, innovations, and products hit the automotive aftermarket.

Highlighting those changes are the following new rules:

New General AutoCross Rule Amendments

• Cone Penalty – Down or completely out is 2 seconds. Upright and touching the chalk line is no penalty.
• Tires must be available to the public from a retail outlet at the time of the event and have a minimum 200 treadwear.
• Starting on April 15, 2019 all tires used must have at least four sizes available in the brand series.
• Tech will open at 7am and close at 9am. Tech will re-open from noon to 1pm. No teching of cars during “off” times.

New Class: PRO-X

• The top 16 cars from the 2018 Duel in the Desert Shootout start in this class the following season.


• Max width of front tire is 315mm
• Minimum weight is 3,000lbs
• If you do not meet these rules, you move up to PRO-X

Street Machine

• Max width of front tire is 285mm
• Minimum weight is 3200lbs
• If you do not meet these rules, you move up in class (into PRO or PRO-X if you still do not meet PRO rules)

Hot Rod

• Max width of front tire is 275mm
• If you do not meet these rules you move up in class (into PRO or PRO-X if you still do not meet PRO rules)


• Minimum weight of 3200LBS
• If you do not meet these rules you move up in class (into PRO or PRO-X if you still do not meet PRO rules)

In 2018, Goodguys introduced elimination-style Shootouts at each event. These exciting Saturday Shootouts will look different in 2019, with two (2) Shootouts being held at every event. We are also adding an 8-car Shootout on Sundays where All American Sunday events are held.

• PRO-X and PRO run in one shootout – eight-car field where the winner gets the invite to the Duel in the Desert.
• Street Machine, Truck and Hot Rod compete together in one shootout – eight car field where the winner gets the invite to the Duel in the Desert.

Once Street Machine, Truck and Hot Rod racers accumulate 30-plus points for the season, they move into the PRO class at the following event

The rule changes above only summarize the major changes. To get familiar with the complete set of Goodguys AutoCross rules, be sure to CLICK HERE to be redirected to the Goodguys website for complete rules and regulations. Prior to attending a Goodguys AutoCross event in 2019, please be in accordance with the rules for the class you plan on competing in. We will have thorough tech inspections at each event and this will limit the amount of surprises for both you and our tech inspector(s).
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