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Good Wood – A Walking Woodie Tour

For the last two decades, the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association has staged the “Good Wood” special parking area at their two signature West Coast events – the Del Mar Nationals (a stone’s throw from the beach) and the West Coast Nationals in Pleasanton.

Good Wood, Fuel Curve

Good Wood, Woody Cars, Wooden Cars, Woody, Fuel CurveLocal Woodie clubs carry the torch and rally the troops in both locations. Down in Del Mar, it’s the San Diego Woodies who come out in force. They roll in Saturday morning and post up in the “Plaza de Mexico” at the scenic Del Mar Fairgrounds, set up shop, put out the umbrellas, hang the boards out the back and chill for a relaxing day under swaying palms with salsa music playing in the background. Delightful right?

Good Wood, Woody Cars, Wooden Cars, Woody, Fuel CurveIn Pleasanton at the West Coast Nationals, the “termite delights” post up under shade trees. It’s a perfect spot to beat the burning August sun and bond with buddies. Hosted by the Santa Cruz Woodies, this gathering is a social circle of enthusiasts who dine on cheese & crackers, and major-league-potent margaritas. They know how to do it!

Good Wood, Fuel CurveAt both locations, variety is the essence as far as marques go. Ford, Chevy, Oldsmobile, Buick, Morris Minor and other oddball models make the scene.

Good Wood, Woody Cars, Wooden Cars, Woody, Fuel CurveWhile the west coast is where the majority of the wood wagons reside, Woodie enthusiasts are sprinkled throughout the country. The Woody scene started way back in post-war America. They were not desirable automobiles after the novelty wore off.

Good Wood, Fuel CurveIn the 60s, Surfers, especially in and around Southern California, began snatching up the disregarded Woodies for pennies on the dollar using them to haul gear and surfboards. Some even took up residence in the wooden wagons in the quest for the perfect wave instead of working a 9-5 job. If only they could have foreseen the current value of these cool cars, many of which now fetch over $125k at both auctions and private sales.

Good Wood, Fuel CurveEnthusiasm has never been higher than it is now. There are numerous Woodie clubs in and around the United States anchored by the National Woodie Club. John Lee (father of Goodguys Gazette Editor Damon Lee) publishes the “Woody Times,” out of Nebraska to keep enthusiasts around the country connected. Goodguys offers a “Wonderful Woody” pick at all 16 of their national events. There are also several marquee events like Woodies on the Wharf, Wavecrest, L.A. Wood and many others.

Good Wood, Fuel CurveWith old man winter settled in with no sun in sight, we thought this Woodie gallery would brighten your spirits! Only 90 days ‘til Goodguys Del Mar! See you then!

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