fuel curve's top 10 stories of 2017

Fuel Curve’s Top 10 Stories of the Year #4

Editor’s Note: In this countdown series we are reviewing our favorite ten stories of 2017, stories you may have missed or enjoyed so much you wouldn’t mind seeing them again. We have been here just seven and a half months but it seems like much longer. Scouring the globe to find the coolest cats, cars and trucks, we have successfully established this platform to showcase the people and the power. So CJ and I thought it would be good to review ten of our favorites. CJ and I both weigh in on why we liked them so much. Enjoy!

Full Story @ Ringbrothers Build a Javelin for Prestone

fuel curve's top 10 stories of 2017CJ: This one is pretty much self explanatory! It’s bitchin’, unique and just plain cool. The fact that the Ringbrothers remember seeing the car in their town as kids just ups the cool factor ten fold. The car is funky, and you either like it or you don’t, but that’s what makes it appealing to me. We see so many of the same vehicles (Camaros, deuces, tri-fives etc) it’s nice to see an out of the box idea come together. And nobody builds ’em better than Mike and Jim Ring.

John: This turned out to be the highest-performing post ever on Fuel Curve. That alone gets it into the Top 10 stories of the year but like CJ said – it’s the unique nature of this car that sets it apart in a world of Pro-Touring machines. I accidentally called it a Gremlin at SEMA which cracked up Nancy Ring – Mike’s wife who handles marketing. The Ringbrothers PR firm – Kahn Media gave us access to the images before the car made its SEMA debut so we were able to schedule it as a breaking news item mere minutes after it was unveiled on Tuesday at SEMA. We were the first to officially break the story which is rare in the internet world.

Fuel Curve Top 10 of 2017

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