eXoMod C68 Ready To Impress, Break Necks, and Exhilarate

The legendary 1968 Dodge Charger. Or so it seems.

Look closely; don’t let your eyes deceive you. That’s no Charger. It’s the C68 Carbon from eXoMod’s Vintage Muscle Series.
eXoMod takes a high-performance, modern Dodge Challenger Hellcat and re-skins it in carbon fiber to recreate a classic American muscle car. The C68 has all the conveniences and performance of a brand-new 21st century automobile, while retaining all the style and soul of an automotive classic. It is an idea born out of the desire to deliver a modern automobile cloaked in a classic body, not a collage of aftermarket parts tacked onto dated technology.

eXoMod teamed up with the best carbon designers and producers in the USA to build a bespoke, custom carbon fiber body from aircraft-quality materials on the fastest production-car powertrain available. The C68 exoskeleton yields a lighter, stronger, faster, and most importantly, a more beautiful car. The C68 is broad-shouldered and unabashedly American.

The eXoMod objective is to provide you with an unparalleled ride – a pure, visceral, and exclusive experience anytime the mood strikes. Whether you pick 707 or 885 horsepower, a muscle car has never been so obsessed with capturing and keeping you in the moment.

The first 25 cars will have a specialized serial number. Reserve your exclusive build slot today at www.exomodcarbon.com.