Driftsanity! Colin Furze’s Trike Madness in the UK.

Former plumber-turned-maker madman Colin Furze has dedicated his life to building some of Great Britain’s coolest contraptions. From jet-powered bicycles, fire-breathing go-karts to home-spun hover bikes, this chap has serious skills. And he test-drives every one of his crazy creations, personal safety be damned.

Furze is a big time YouTuber with millions of followers. That alone creates some serious demand for the latest and greatest machine. Considering he doesn’t have an engineering degree and no formal training, he is a hero to those millions of fans and followers. He also has great film editing skills and good taste in music.

Check out his 1250cc motorcycle engine powered drift trike. It’s the mother of all drift trikes. A bodacious Big Wheel bred for hooning. He even throws in some spark shooters for nighttime visuals. Not only that, he shows YOU how to make your own in another video. A man who shares his methods is a needle-mover par excellence.

Colin. Your friends at Fuel Curve salute you.