Detroit Speed SpeedMAX, C10 front suspenison, DSE C10, detroit speed C10 suspension

Detroit Speed SpeedMAX Front Suspension for 1967-72 C10 Trucks

Detroit Speed is proud to offer a new line of suspension products for Chevrolet and GMC C10 enthusiasts! Continuing to reinforce thoughtfully designed products and modern-day ride quality, DSE ensures each driver, whether cruising or hauling, will enjoy the look and feel of their truck.

The Detroit Speed C10 SpeedMAX front suspension is designed for a truck, using truck-strength parts and not car-strength parts. It is designed with no compromises and exclusive DSE suspension geometry for superior handling and ride quality at a lowered ride height. This 100% bolt-on front suspension system utilizes the OE-style GMT800 brake design, which allows for aftermarket brake options. Versions are available with non-adjustable, single-adjustable and double-adjustable shocks.

Detroit Speed SpeedMAX, C10 front suspenison, DSE C10, detroit speed C10 suspension

Detroit Speed 1967-72 C10 SpeedMAX Features:

  • 100% bolt-on front suspension system that can be installed in your garage
  • Body panels and engine do not need to be removed for ease of installation
  • Features “Detroit Tuned” GMT800 rack and pinion for positive and smooth steering
  • DSE “Detroit Tuned” aluminum body Coilover shocks/springs with 550lb/in springs allow for ride height adjustment and spring rate tuning without having to disassemble the control arms for a 4 to 6-inch drop
  • Features ADI (Austempered Ductile Iron) upper shock bracket that uses a special heat-treated high strength cast iron for excellent wear resistance and fatigue strength
  • Forged in the USA DSE aluminum spindle assemblies feature a 5 x 5” or 5 x 4-3/4” dual bolt pattern modern hub pack wheel bearing designed to use modern GMT800 (1999-2006) GM Truck brakes (requires DSE 13” dual drilled rotors)
  • USA forged steel steering arm bolts onto the spindle
  • Includes sway bar with improved design/rate over optional factory bar using polyurethane bushings and low friction modern aluminum end links to control sway
  • Uses tubular upper and lower control arms with Delrin bushings that are designed for trucks
  • Stainless steel upper control arm cross shafts feature caster tuner bushings for quick and easy caster changes independent of camber
  • Accepts Small Block Chevy Engine Mounts