C3 Corvette windshield wiper motor, detroit speed wiper motor, DSE wiper motors

Detroit Speed Selecta-Speed Wiper Kit for 1968-1972 Chevrolet Corvette with Wiper Door

Detroit Speed’s overwhelming popular Selecta wipers are back in stock and now available again for the 1968-1972 Corvette with Wiper Door. C3 Corvette windshield wiper motor, detroit speed wiper motor, DSE wiper motorsThe wiper door is operated by a compact electric motor to eliminate the vacuum operated wiper door actuator for a cleaner and more reliable system.

This kit provides you with the performance and convenience of a late-model wiper system in a package that easily and cleanly mounts in your car. The wiper motor contains a low profile, seven-speed wiper motor with five delays, low speed and high speed, rotary switch, adapter plate, and wiring harness.

The CNC aluminum adapter plate mounts the wiper motor to the stock firewall bolt pattern. The low-profile wiper motor mounts to the firewall and clears the valve covers and brake booster.The wiper door motor mounts inside the cowl area and bolts directly to the wiper door linkage. This allows you to remove all wiper door vacuum hoses along with the wiper door actuator and bracket giving you a much cleaner firewall. The wiper harness has an OEM connector to plug directly into the existing wiper door limit switch. The wiper module will not allow the wiper blades to come on unless the wiper door is open.

C3 Corvette windshield wiper motor, detroit speed wiper motor, DSE wiper motors

New, improved features include easier installation: The wiper switch and wiring harness plug into a wiper control module located under the dash. The wiper motor connector is already installed on the wiring harness, saving you from having to pin out the wiper motor connector. The wiring harness has also been simplified with a new wiper control module design. Push button windshield washer function: the seven-position rotary wiper switch now features a push button function for a windshield washer option. Once the push button function is released, the wiper blades cycle three times, just like your current OEM vehicle. The wiper blades then continue to operate at the last switch position. The wiring harness includes a weather pack connector/harness for an inline windshield washer pump. Smaller, Lighter Wiper Motor: Modern OE wiper motor design is more compact for a clean look on the firewall giving additional clearance for your brake booster, valve covers, etc.

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