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Detroit Speed Introduces Body & Suspension Products for 1979-93 Fox Body Mustang

Detroit Speed, Inc. is proud to offer a new line of products for the 1979-93 Fox Body Mustang enthusiast.

An iconic sports car of the 1980’s, the Fox Body platform brings to life the spirit of driving. The product line will include Subframe Connectors, Mini-Tubs, Rear Suspension and Front Suspension (Front Suspension expected 2021).

Staying true to the Company’s core values, the Fox Body Mustang product line has been designed and tested to meet the attention to detail and stringent quality standards that customers have come to expect from Detroit Speed. The opportunity with this product line was to offer a solution that would correct many known issues with the Fox Body platform. These components are designed with daily driving, drag strip, autocross and track use in mind.

Subframe Connectors and Mini-Tubs are currently available at, Rear Suspension will be available Fall, 2020, and Front Suspension will be available in 2021.

Check out the product online, or contact the Detroit Speed Sales Department at 704.662.3272 or [email protected].