Fatman Fabrications, Hot Rod Chassis, Fuel Curve


For decades, Fatman Fabrications has helped hot rodders, truck owners and custom car aficionados get low. Their stance-improving line of chassis and components offer safe and reliable fun in old cars. They’re continuing their product line with even more innovative solutions.

Their new line of dropped disc brake spindles will appeal to owners of the first ball joint type IFS GM big-bodied classics. They have developed specific variations of a basic design that covers all the 1957-64 Buick’s and ’63-’65 Riviera’s, ’57-’60 Cadillacs, ’58-’64 Chevy’s, ’57-’70 Olds, and ’58-’64 Pontiacs!Fatman Fabrications, Fuel CurveFatman Fabrications, Fuel Curve

They even include the ’65-’69 Lincoln for the Ford fans out there. As a result Fatman’s is THE source for dropped spindles on just about every car with Factory IFS made from 1939 to 1970, Ford, GM and MOPAR.

These new “Cruiser Era” spindles provide better brakes and a 2 1/2” drop while retaining their stock GM front suspension. How nice is that? The Fatman team carefully machines the laser-cut main plate then adds ball joint and steering arm mounts so that this spindle bolts directly to the stock tie rod end and control arms. Late 70s GM 12” diameter disc brake rotors with a 5″ bolt pattern make it easy to match the original bolt pattern common to all these cars, while large bore GM calipers provide exceptional stopping power.Fatman Fabrications, Fuel Curve

Get over to www.fatmanfab.com to get yours today and while you’re there, check out their complete line of parts for your pride and joy.