Snap-on ratchets

Cool Tools from Snap-on – Compact Head Ratchets Reach Tight Spots

Snap-on has unveiled two new 3/8″ Drive Dual 80 Technology Soft Grip Ratchets designed to meet the evolving needs of industry professionals and hobbyists. The new Compact Flex Head and the Multi-Position Head offer a 3/8″ drive square housed in a 1/4″ body for use in low torque, tight access areas such as servicing spark plugs or reaching a distributor hold-down clamp.

Engineered with the patented Dual 80 Technology, the Compact Flex Head Ratchet (#FHCLF72RR) boasts a 72-tooth gear with six teeth in constant contact, ensuring superior strength and durability. Its flex-head design offers versatility, providing multiple positions for convenient access to fasteners. The sealed head keeps lubricants in and contaminants out, extending the tool’s lifespan

The 3/8″ Drive Dual 80® Technology Soft Grip Compact Multi-Position Head Ratchet (#FHC72MPRR) indexes at 16 positions across 240- degrees, allowing better access to fasteners around blind corners. It saves time as a three-in-one tool, functioning as an offset fixed-head ratchet, a conventional straight ratchet, and a 360-degree speeder ratchet.

Snap-on ratchets

Both tools are designed with soft grip handles for comfort and control with resistance to most shop chemicals. For more information about the new FHCLF72RR or the FHC72MPRR or other Snap-on tools and products, contact your participating Snap-on franchise or visit Snap-on.