Heatshield Products Cold Gold Sleeve

Cold-Gold Sleeve Offers Thermal Protection for Wiring Harnesses, Fuel and Brake Lines and Linkages

An engine compartment is a lot like an oven, exposing everything underhood to continuous and high amounts of radiant heat. In more compact engine compartments, this exposure is amplified due to the reduced amount of airspace for airflow. Long-term constant high-temperature exposure like this causes wiring insulation to degrade and become brittle, increased resistance in wiring, and flexible/rubber fluid lines seeing similar effects that eventually lead to leaks an outright failure. Heatshield Products Cold-Gold SleeveSteel fuel lines and brake lines absorb the heat and pass it on to the fluids inside which can lead to vapor lock and brake-fluid boiling.

Cold-Gold Sleeve from Heatshield Products reflects up to 90% of radiant heat away from protected components, even with minimal air space. Multi-layer thermal barrier insulation topped with specially formulated Cold-Gold outer layer provides continuous protection against radiant heat up to 1,100 degrees F, and up to 500 degrees F of direct-contact heat protection. Cold-Gold Sleeve also offers short-interval protection from flame during the initial stages of a fire incident, providing extra time to deploy fire suppression before serious damage is done to protected components.

Heatshield Products Cold-Gold SleeveCold-Gold Sleeve features a high-temp hook & loop fastening system for easy installation that often doesn’t require component disassembly. It also allows for easy removal if maintenance on protected components is ever needed.

Available with internal diameters of 1/2-inch up to 3-inch, Cold-Gold Sleeve comes in three-foot lengths standard, and longer lengths can be custom ordered.

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