Anyone who has read car magazines in the last four decades knows that when you see a Jeff Smith byline you’re in for a quality, technical read. Jeff is a longtime automotive journalist known for his detailed tech articles ranging from intricate engine assembly to

Ed Tillrock is a car enthusiast turned architectural illustrator turned automotive artist. His medium of choice is the pencil, which he’s been working with since he was just a toddler before his focus turned to drawing cars during school lessons. His doodles and drawings were

If you liked the styling of the last two Goodguys Griot’s Garage Muscle Machine of the Year winners, then you’re already a fan of Sean Smith Designs. Sean played a major role in both Steve Aguilar’s ’71 Camaro, as well as Kevin Hart’s ’69 Road

Lead photo courtesy RBPhotography / To NHRA drag racing fans, you’ll likely recognize the voice of Brian Lohnes as the lead play-by-ply announcer for FOX Sports televised races. Or maybe you spotted his byline on, a fun car-guy website he cofounded almost 15 years

Hollywood Hot Rods was racing around the mind of its founder, Troy Ladd, long before he went into business. Troy worked in construction management during the day and built hot rods as a hobby at night and on weekends. In 2002, he decided to follow

Steve Strope’s path to owning his own Southern California shop, Pure Vision Design, started in a basement parking garage where he covered his neighbors’ cars in cellophane so he could paint parts hanging from the water pipes. More than 20 years have passed since those