Bowler Nightstick Magnum F shifter, bowler short throw shifter, Tremec Magnum F 6-speed

Bowler Performance Transmissions Announces new Night Stick Short Throw Shifter for the Magnum F

Bowler Performance Transmissions is excited to announce the release of their new Night Stick short throw shifter for the Tremec Magnum F 6-speeds. The new shifter creates a 35% reduction in shift throw length for a crisp and quick shift with very little effort.

The new Night Stick short throw combines a ball and socket shift stub with a Bowler Performance designed base plate that eliminates any possible oil leakage around the shift stub socket. This new design utilizes a wave ring with snap-ring retention to keep constant pressure on the ball socket enclosure for a smooth shift feel with no rattles. The shifter arrives finished in a sleek midnight black anodize with the unmistakable Bowler logo and ready to install.

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