Boosted 2014 Dodge Challenger, Fuel Curve

Plum Crazy! A Boosted 2014 Dodge Challenger

Will Good took his Plum Crazy 2014 Dodge Challenger from cool to hot. Very hot. After driving it around his hometown of Surprise, Arizona for a year or so, he got the mod bug. From a wobbly, stock-suspended, 305hp quiet cruiser emerged this radical custom resting just an inch or so off the ground. The minute we saw it we knew we had to take a closer look.

2014 Dodge Challenger, Plum Crazy, Fuel CurveOf course the first thing us gearheads notice about any car is the stance and wheels. Will’s Dodge is down in the weeds and it stays that way. No air suspension here. It stays flat at WOT through the turns thanks to a K-Sport coilover system. The 22” US Mag wheels offer a classic five-spoke look yet the spokes and thick and burly. The Carbon fiber APR Racing front splitter is on point with the racy look as is the Cervini carbon hood. The rear spoiler adds even more downforce.Boosted 2014 Dodge Challenger, Fuel Curve

Boosted 2014 Dodge Challenger, Fuel Curve

As you walk around the car you notice a ton of small details. Stuff like the Mr. Horsepower logos, the Grape Soda fuel filler cap, and a ton of vinyl stickers promoting various components and shops that aided Will along the mod path. Thrush’s “Mr. Horsepower” gets prime placement at the bottom of the fenders as well as the shift knob. Mr. Horsepower is just one of the iconic brands Will remembers from a childhood at the dragstrip with his father. It is one of his favorites and helps to forge this car’s identity.

The most prominent decal is the 6-inch tall “DejaVue Autowerks” affixed to the bottom of the windshield. DejaVue is one of the valley’s premier late model restyling shops and painted the Challenger in its new purple coat along with other tweaks and tunes you will notice.

2014 Dodge Challenger, Plum Crazy, Fuel CurveBoosted 2014 Dodge Challenger, Fuel Curve

Acoustics are downright frightening predominantly thanks to long tube headers and a full custom 3” exhaust system and mufflers which exit through flush-mounted side exits (made by DejaVue) at the bottom of the quarters. The conductor of all that maniacal symphony is a supercharged 5.7-liter Hemi. Will basically made a Hellcat out of his Challenger. Thanks to Edelbrock, it was fairly easy. He ordered up one of their E-Force supercharger kits and after a Saturday in the garage it was in place and ready for a new tune from Black Market Racing. It now makes 478rwhp with 464lb ft of torque. “I can keep up pretty well with the SRT8s depending on circumstances. Future motor mods will include beefier internals and more boost” Will said.

Boosted 2014 Dodge Challenger, Fuel Curve

Inside the cabin, Will went full custom mode as well. The double diamond-stitched black and purple seats, dash pad and steering wheel cover were cut and sewn by Mad Trimmer upholstery. Mr. Horsepower makes another appearance atop the shift stick as you can see here.

So how did all this start? Like many of us, Will Good got his car gene from dad. Growing up in Maryland, he tagged along with pops to bracket races at Maryland’s Capitol Raceway. “All I remember as a kid was jumpin’ in his Roadrunner with a 440 big block,” he said. “That is where my allegiance to Mopar began.”

Boosted 2014 Dodge Challenger, Fuel CurveBut here’s a twist for ya. With his tattoos, long beard and a killer muscle car, you might think Will is a tire-smoking rebel. He’s anything but. He’s actually a mortgage banker at Scottsdale’s Paramount Equity. Suit and tie during the day, Mopar enthusiast on nights and weekends. He stays active in the car scene by attending his fair share of car shows but also through his role on the administrative team of Desert Area Mopars. The club is active in event promotion and racing as well as charitable functions. The club also works closely with Team Justin – a suicide awareness program.

Boosted 2014 Dodge Challenger, Fuel CurveSometimes the human connections behind all of our sheet metal and horsepower have diverse interests and impactful community ties. Will is one of those who sees the bigger picture while having a blast in his purple Dodge. Is it a coincidence his last name is Good? We think not.