DEI Titanium spark plug wire sleeve, Titanium Protect A Sleeve

DEI now Offering Black Titanium Protect-A-Sleeve

Protect your wires, lines and cables from the damaging effects of high temperatures with new Black Titanium Protect-A-Sleeve line sleeves from Design Engineering, Inc.

Capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1,800°F direct heat and 2,500°F radiant heat, the line sleeves are offered in 1/2″ and 1″ inner diameters for all of your under-hood wire, line and cable protection needs.

“We have taken our Titanium LR™ technology and made it into the best protection sleeve on the market,” said Mike Buca of DEI. “Black Titanium Protect-A-Sleeve includes plain heat-shrink tubes to seal the sleeving ends and can cover standard hose clamps for a clean look.”

DEI Titanium spark plug wire sleeve, Titanium Protect A Sleeve, black titanium protect-a-sleeve

The 1/2″ ID will fit larger spark plug wires, protecting them from hot exhaust manifolds and headers. Black Titanium Protect-A-Shield is available in retail sizing of 1″ ID x 3 ft, 1/2″ ID by 3 ft and 1/2″ ID x 6 ft. DEI’s Original Titanium line sleeves are also available.

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