master power brakes Billet X Master Cylinder, MP Brakes

Billet X Master Cylinder by Master Power Brakes

Master cylinders have always been looked at the same way. While the master cylinder must remain functional, it’s not an excuse to be ugly. With the lines exiting from either the left or right side of the housing, and sometimes even both, it’s hard to build anything around it that looks good. Car owners and builders want the engine compartment to look super sleek and shouldn’t have to make excuses for something ugly. Now they don’t have to.

master power brakes Billet X Master Cylinder, MP Brakes

Stepped Lid

With the all-new Billet X Master Cylinder, a builder or car owner now has an additional choice. Outside of the options of different lid types and finishes, the distinguishing feature of this all-new product is the placement and exit of the brake lines. No matter which lid type or finish, the lines are going to exit out the bottom rear of the master cylinder. There you will find two 3/8”-24 Inverted Flare Ports (custom stainless steels fittings are included to adapt over to -3 AN) that will allow the brake lines to exit in such a way that is much more pleasing to the eye.

The Billet X Master Cylinder is available in 15/16”, 1” and 1-1/8” bore sizes with a Finned Lid, a lid with Screw-In Caps along with a Stepped Lid to choose from. Standard finishes are black anodized, polished and a shot-peen finish that gives the look of cast aluminum. Additionally, custom finishes are available. Those include but are not limited to Cerakote and different Anodized Color options.

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