BDS 440 Chrysler Blower Kit Offers Big Horsepower

Sought after by street and show builders, the Chrysler 440 engine provides a perfect platform for power enhancing modifications and custom accessories. The BDS 440 Supercharger kit is an easily installed kit. Shown here (Part BK-4071K) the kit is designed specifically for this popular application and features a fully polished Stage 1 8-71 BDS blower.

Additionally, the kits include a polished intake, billet snout, 3” billet idler, 4140 crank hub, billet V-groove pulley, ½” pitch belt and pulleys, drive spacers, all grade 8 hardware and complete drive kit. Most importantly, unlike other many other blowers, the Blower is constructed using 100% new parts:  NEW BILLET case, w/billet rotors & end plates, new gears, bearings and hardware.

Available options include: Serpentine drive, 8mm drive and 2-3 groove pulleys. Additionally with the kit blower can be upgraded to Stage 2 specs. The Chrysler 440 engine is a mainstay for the rodding industry and this meticulously assembled supercharger kit from Blower Drive Service can make the conversion to forced induction a one of a kind experience.  All BDS supercharger assemblies and components are manufactured 100% at the company’s state-of-the-art plant in southern California.

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