australian drag crashes – “that car is toast”, fuel curve

Australian Drag Crashes – “That Car is TOAST”

The Aussies are notorious gearheads. Some of the Australian drag crashes are the worst of all time. Like that time in 1990 when Jim Read smashed through the scoreboards and miraculously survived unscathed. These Aussie racers buy the right equipment and are extremely competitive and have even found success on American soil, but inevitably their racing season is flush with wild and wacky highlights.

Such is the case with this action-packed crash compilation of Australian drag crashes from the 2012/2013 ANDRA. The fact that these incidents are from four years ago is inconsequential. What matters is the action much of which is guardrail to guardrail, hold-on-tight carnage. We also love the announcer’s voice and personality. “Ah – a big moment for Catalano…That car is TOAST.” Or this one…”Oh my goodness gracious me, somehow Dixon pulls off a miraculous 360 degree spin” referring to American Larry Dixon’s crash at the ANDRA Winternationals.

For those unaware – the Australian National Drag Racing Association is nearly as robust as the NHRA is here stateside. Their “Group One” designation includes Top Fuel, Top Alcohol, Top Doorslammer, Top Fuel Motorcycle, Pro Stock and Pro Stock Motorcycle. The Top Doorslammer class reminds us of Pro Mod of the 1990s – ridiculous horsepower, short wheelbases and drivers who refuse to lift. There are plenty of highlights in this clip of those wild door cars.

Their funny cars are known to catch fire in the old school tradition – slow rolling, fully ablaze infernos which are bitchin’ to watch, not so bitchin to experience. Check out Anthony Begley’s blaze at the 5:07 mark. Reminds us of Gary Densham’s blaze at the 1983 World Finals at OCIR.

To give you an idea of just how much fuel is pumped through an Australian Top Fuel car, check out the staging lane eruption at the 1:36 mark. At the 2:05 mark there is a GoPro camera mounted to the back of the rollcage looking rearward to the engine. It’s a spectacular visual of the gallons of fuel that are coursing through the veins of a contemporary fueler at all times.

For our money however, the wildest ride of the bunch is at the 5:35 mark when Top Fuel Bike racer Chris Matheson sits up off the bike in the lights and is ripped right off the motorcycle from the air speed. Matheson tumbles down the ol’ tarmac like a rag doll but survived to ride again.

If you ever go down under, make sure you schedule a stop at an ANDRA race. The cars are legit, the racing is top notch and the fans go berserk.

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