Aeromotive Regulator Fuel Filter Combo

Aeromotive Introduces the First-Ever Adjustable Regulator Fuel Filter Combo Unit

Aeromotive has developed a new fuel filter and regulator combination unit to ease installation and reduce return line length. The Aeromotive Regulator Fuel Filter Combo is the first-ever to feature an adjustable regulator and is available for carbureted or EFI setups.

Finding locations to fit separate fuel filters and regulators can be challenging in some applications and adds to plumbing complexity. The new Aeromotive Regulator Fuel Filter Combo solves these challenges. It simplifies the installation process by combining a fuel filter with a regulator into one compact and easy-to-mount unit. Its universal fitment and billet aluminum construction make it ideal for use in a wide range of street-performance vehicles with up to 1,000 horsepower.

As a company that prides itself on addressing challenges, Aeromotive engineers were challenged to provide a solution to the shortcomings of OEM and aftermarket combination fuel filters and regulators. Those products are neither adjustable nor suitable for high-volume fuel pumps. As a result, our engineers developed a more robust solution that integrates an adjustable regulator and an easily accessible 10-micron filter to meet the increased fuel flow needs of high-performance engines.

Two separate combo units are available for carbureted (P/N 13226) and EFI (P/N 13146) applications. Both feature adjustable regulators to handle varying fuel flow and pressure demands. The EFI version is suitable for Aeromotive A1000 or smaller fuel pumps and is adjustable from 40 to 75 psi. Designed for use with 250 GPH or lower output fuel pumps, the carbureted version can accommodate pressures of 3 to 20 psi.