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Goodguys Fuel Curve Top 10 of 2020 – #5 Goodguys Giveaway Nova

Editor’s Note: No matter how you look at it, 2020 was a year that nobody expected, nor wished for. Event postponements, cancellations, social distancing, and more had old car enthusiasts out of sorts. Our scene revolves around gathering at events and showing off with others. We’re a community, even if don’t live near each other.

Thankfully, hot rodding is all about overcoming obstacles and making things better. Goodguys and Fuel Curve worked hard in 2020 to cover the altered landscape of the vintage car and truck scene, bringing you fresh and creative content every week – over 400 stories in total. We’re using the last few days of the year to revisit the Top 10 stories of the year. We hope you’ll enjoy this look back as we start to prepare for better times in 2021.

#5 – Building the Goodguys Giveaway 1967 Nova

One of the highlights to every Goodguys season is the giving away, and debuting of the next, Goodguys Giveaway vehicle. Over the past few decades Goodguys has given away a lot of cool rides that fall in line with the current trends. In 2019 that vehicle was a 1967 Chevy Nova built by Designer Street Rods. We document and chronicle the builds every year in stages and show the vehicle being constructed in a 4-part series in the Goodguys Gazette as well as online right here on With so many events being effected in 2020, the plan is for the Goodguys Giveaway Nova to be given away during the 2021 season at the 23rd Summit Racing Nationals presented by PPG in Columbus, Ohio.

This particular ’67 Nova departs from the common project car approach of taking an existing body, restoring it, and then completing the build with great aftermarket parts. With the growing popularity of ’66-’67 Novas, finding a straight rust-free original is getting harder and more expensive, so Goodguys and Designer Street Rods employed an all-new-steel reproduction coupe body from Real Deal Steel.

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Part 1 of the Goodguys Giveaway Nova landed 5th on our most popular stories in 2020, you can see it in full HERE. Want more? Check out PART 2, PART 3, and PART 4 of the build while you’re at it!

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