1977 Pontiac Can Am, Fuel Curve

1977 Pontiac Can Am – Rare Mid 70s Muscle

The 1977 Pontiac Can Am is a car many don’t know existed. Even fewer have seen them in person, and the chances of seeing one, running and driving are even more elusive. However, Michael Lamberth just happens to be well versed in all three phases.

1977 Pontiac Can Am, Fuel Curve

For those not in the know, the Pontiac Can Am was a one-year-only car produced by GM. The story behind the advent yet quick death is a unique and unusual one as well as the car that came to be. In the mid 70’s American muscle car sales were suffocating in the midst of stricter government regulations and the gas crunch/malaise era. Pontiac’s LeMans sales were declining, the infamous GTO was no longer in production, and Pontiac quite frankly needed a kick in the ass to give people a reason to get back into their showroom.

1977 Pontiac Can Am, Fuel CurveWith the help of Jim Wangers, the marketing genius behind the GTO and creator of the 1969 Judge along with Trans Am and Pontiac designer John Schinella – a plan was devised to bring some much-needed excitement back to the streets.

Motortown Corporation was contracted by GM to perform various cosmetic upgrades on the LeMans Sport Coupes. A rear “duck wing” spoiler, stripes, and modification of the hood to allow for the use of the 1976 Trans Am hood scoop.

1977 Pontiac Can Am, Fuel Curve

All 1,377 Can Am’s were sprayed in Cameo White, including the spoiler, twin sport mirrors, hood scoop, and body-color 15-inch Rally II wheels. A three-color stripe of orange, gold, and yellow flowed from the bottom of the C pillar to the front of the car.

1977 Pontiac Can Am, Fuel Curve

1977 Pontiac Can Am, Fuel Curve

Interior colors were limited to white, black, and red and could include buckets or a bench but that was typically based on what line workers were grabbing off the assembly line. A Grand Prix instrument panel was installed to give it an elegant look as well as keep costs down by borrowing parts from the Pontiac parts bin.

1977 Pontiac Can Am, Fuel CurveIf you happened to live in lower elevations you would receive the much desired Trans Am 400-cu.in. V-8 under that massive hood. If you lived in higher elevations, you would get an Oldsmobile 403-cu.in. V-8 taking up residence in the massive engine bay. The M40 Turbo Hydramatic was chosen no matter what engine was residing under the hood.

1977 Pontiac Can Am, Fuel CurveSince this was a muscle-car for all intent and purposes the Can-Am received Pontiac’s sophisticated Radial Tuned Suspension (RTS) to help with the lefts and rights. The RTS utilized higher-rate springs and shocks, with larger stabilizer bars in the front and rear.

Michael is just the 3rd owner of this all original prime Can Am. Although this car is rare, you will see Michael enjoying and driving it to Pontiac events throughout the southwest as well as looking forward to taking it to future Goodguys events now that they’ve opened up their doors to 1987 and earlier models for the 2018 event season.

1977 Pontiac Can Am, Fuel CurveOh, and if you’re one of those Pontiac diehards searching to find your own Can Am, don’t ask Michael if he’s selling it. The answer is an emphatic NO!

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