1970 Chevy Camaro David and Pam Kountz Mobile, AL

1970 Chevy Camaro: Setting the Gold Standard

Photos by Mike Harrington

A “Dream Car” can be anything depending on who is defining it – it’s all in the eye of the beholder so to say. At select Goodguys events, our good friends at PPG select their Dream Car Award from the show & shine. Dreaming big in Nashville, they selected David and Pam Kountz’ Mobile, Alabama-based 1970 chevy Camaro.

The Kountz’ second-gen Chevy Camaro was brought back to life by Metal Brothers Hot Rods in Theodore, Alabama. Originally a California car, the Chevy Camaro arrived in Alabama as a solid stocker – the perfect platform to build dreams upon. The team at MB Hot Rods got to work, stripped it clean then started massaging exterior and interior sheet metal as well as the firewall. Underneath, Detroit Speed suspension was installed including the popular DSE Hydroformed subframe and Quadralink rear suspension. DSE subframe connectors were also used as well as a DSE power rack and pinion, and a Currie Tru-Trac nine-inch Ford housing 3.89 gears. Fikse 18-inch wheels with BF Goodrich rubber ride on all four corners with massive 335 series tires on the rear and 295’s up front. Carbon fiber inner front fenders add a competition touch to the engine bay.

1970 Chevy Camaro David and Pam Kountz Mobile, AL

The power this F-body creates is no joke! A Mast Motorsports 427c.i. LS7 snarls angrily under the hood. With a Lunati crankshaft, JE Pistons, titanium rods, a Vintage Air front runner pulley system and a long list of other high-end internal parts and accessories, the 650 horsepower thumper was built to handle a heavy left foot. The thunder­ous sound is courtesy of Detroit Speed headers with Borla mufflers and custom three-inch exhaust system by MB Hot Rods. The Tremec T-56 Bowler Performance Transmission delivers all the power to the Currie nine-inch with a Spec clutch and a Wiles Driveshaft.

The F-Body chevy Camaro body was left mainly stock on the outside but inside a com­plete roll cage was built, the transmission tunnel was raised, and the seat mounts were lowered. The stock dash was modified to remove the glove box and MB Hot Rods replaced the lower panel with a custom unit to house the AC controls and vents. Dakota Digital gauges fill the dash while a Billet Specialties steering wheel offers a sure grip. A Bowler Performance Transmission shifter keeps the drivers’ right hand busy and Procar racing seats keeps David and Pam fastened in tight. Six-point Sparco seat belts come in handy around turns or just cruising down the road.


Like any award candidate – the car must sit right and look right. No problem here! A race car stance and brilliant PPG Autumn Gold with a flat black stripe down the middle raise this fine F-body to another level. David and Pam Kountz are lucky to own such as sweet looking, hard-charging 1970 chevy Camaro. With its internals and state of the art drivetrain, it can win on the street or the track as well as in the show arena. It’s the total package!

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OWNERS: David & Pam Kountz | Mobile, AL
BODY: 1970 second generation F-Body Camaro.
CHASSIS: Detroit Speed subframe connectors, hydroformed front suspension, Quadralink rear suspension, and power rack & pinion. Wilwood 14-inch front and 13-inch rear disc brakes, Currie Tru-Trac 9″ Ford 3.89 rearend.
Color: PPG Autumn Gold paint by Metal Brothers Hot Rods
POWER: Masi Motorsports 427 c.i. LS7. Fast LSX induction, K-Tech valve covers, Detroit Speed headers, Borla mufflers, PRC radiator, Tremec T-56 Bowler Performance Transmission, Wiles driveshaft.
WHEELS AND TIRES: WHEELS & TIRES: Fiske 18″x10″ front and Fiske 18″x12″ rear wheels with BFG 295/35ZR18 front and BFG 335/30ZR18 rear tires.
INTERIOR: Procor seats, modified stock dash, Dakota Digital gauges, Billet Specialties steering wheel, Bowler Performance Transmission shifter, Vintage Air, Clayton Machine pedals, Nakamichi stereo, vinyl interior.