ford galaxie air suspension, ridetech suspension

New 1965-1972 Ford Galaxie Front and Rear Air Suspension System From RideTech

Ever since its debut in the late-’50s, the full-size Galaxie has been a favorite of Ford fans around the globe. After a great deal of research and testing, RideTech is excited to announce that they have a full bolt-in suspension system available for 1965-1972 Galaxies. This will make your car ride smoother and handle better than ever.

ford galaxie air suspension, ridetech suspensionIf you are looking to slam your Fullsize Ford Galaxie with quality, bolt-on components this system is the perfect solution. It includes front HQ Series Shockwaves, rear CoolRide, and rear HQ Series Shocks.


  • The Shockwave is the perfect design for replacing the front coil spring and shock. Inside the Firestone air spring is a rebound adjustable Fox mono-tube shock. Combing these two components into one solution prevents the need to relocate the shock!
  • The Rear CoolRide system includes application specific brackets to adapt the air spring to the factory coil spring mounts.
  • Adjustable bump stops are included for the rear to fine tune the stance.
  • No cutting, no welding, no fabrication, easy installation.
  • HQ Series front and rear shocks are manufactured by Fox and are rebound adjustable allowing them to be tuned to the ride quality and handling you want. They are a Mono-tube design with an aluminum body and carry a 1,000,001 Mile Warranty
  • Durable Firestone air springs provide height adjustability and a premium ride quality.
  • Compressor systems feature the 4 way RidePro valves, dual Thomas compressors, 5 gallon aluminum tank, wiring harness with weather tight connectors and all necessary airlines and fittings. Choose either the old school Analog control panel or the modern RidePro E5 digital control system. The RidePro E5 control system is also available in a preassembled AirPod configuration for easy installation.

ford galaxie air suspension, ridetech suspension

Fender Lip to Ground Dimensions on 1967 Galaxie

Tire Sizes – Front 215/60/17 (27.1″) – Rear 225/60/17 (27.6″)
Fully Inflated – Front 28.25″ – Rear 30.5″
Ride Height – Front 27″ – Rear 27.5″
Deflated – Front 24″ – Rear 24.5″

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